Tour to Venice


The Queen of the Adriatic. Venice is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, creating its fascinating atmosphere.

The romantic charm of Venice is unmistakable. It’s a truly unique destination unlike any other. Composed of more than 100 islands, this is one of the highlights of Italy. Venice’s islands are connected by a series of canals and overflowing with impressive palaces. On the surface Venice may not appear to be so grand in size, but once you step foot in the car-free streets and tight alleyways this maze of a city will have you exploring for days. The city is full of churches, museums, and other sights of interests. There’s something new to discover around every corner and over every bridge.

Venice’s popularity shows no signs of fading, so expect to fight crowds as you make your way through the most central of the tight city streets between Rialto and San Marco. Venice consists of six main districts where the famous monuments and sights are. Then there are the islands, particularly Murano and Burano, which are worth the trip. With so many tourists also come tourist traps, so you have to be careful when selecting shops and restaurants. We have done our best to provide some tasty options in our Guest Page so you can enjoy the famous Italian food and wines. Our favorite thing to do in Venice is to take a street food tour, which focuses on cicchetti, Venetian tapas. It’s an ideal way to try lots of dishes in many places and find more local spots.

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